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Help With Perimeter Wire
« on: August 18, 2015, 12:23:24 PM »
Hello everyone. I sincerely hope this site is still active. I don't know where else to turn.
I own an RL500 and have for 13 years. Last year I had it serviced (kind of refurbished) because I can't afford a new one.
This summer one of my four mowing zones has started acting weird. Three of the zones work fine, but the fourth one has perimeter problems. When I plug in the transmitter, the broken wire LED goes off with the beep. I checked all legs of the wire thinking a limb had fallen in a storm and broken the wire somewhere. Everything checked out as continuous. The entire perimeter checked out as continuous, so I suspected the plug. I replaced it, and it worked fine. I set to mower to mowing - running the perimeter first - and all was well. Then, it started to rain just a bit. I ran out to move the mower under cover and noticed 'waiting for wire signal.' It had not been two and a half hours, and when I got to the transmitter, once again the broken wire LED was lit and it was beeping. What could have happened? I thought maybe after the ground dried after the rain, it would be okay, but I checked it the day after and still got the broken wire signal. Any suggestions, please? Thank you!
It's now 10/5/15: I had the same thing happen over the weekend. I had checked a couple of the legs for wire breakage and found nothing. It all checked out as continuous. I plugged in the transmitter to check, and it was fine. No broken wire LED or beeping. I put the mower out. It mowed for a couple hours completely normally, then the Broken Wire LED lit up and the beeping started. I do not understand what is going on. Any electricians out there who could help? It appears lots of people have read this post, but no one has replied. I really need help! Thank you!
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