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Top Features & Benefits of the Robomow® Mower

Wave goodbye to your old manual lawnmower and say hello to Robomow® - The most convenient way to maintain your lawn!

Are you spending most of your weekends slaving over your lawn? Do you find yourself mowing your lawn week in and week out trying to keep up with the unbelievably fast-growing pace of your grass? Imagine never having to mow your lawn again´┐Żwouldn't that be a dream? With Robomow's robotic lawnmowers this can become a reality!

Robomow® mows the lawn for you so you don't have to, leaving your weekends free for you to enjoy doing something more worthwhile. Spend your time doing those activities you've never had the time for, spend it with your family or merely relaxing to get over the hard working week. Whatever it is that you would rather be spending your time doing, it's all possible with Robomow!

A Robomow® robotic lawnmower will without a doubt save you time and effort. Despite its robotic functions, a Robomow® mower is very easy to use, incredibly safe and environmentally friendly. Wave goodbye to your struggling manual mower or your environmentally harmful petrol lawnmower, and let Robomow® cut the lawn for you, anytime.

Robomow® has many advantages over traditional, manual mowers. Browse through the information below to see how Robomow® could benefit you.


Let the Robomow® mower cut your lawn for you automatically,
No need to collect the clippings.

Free time

No more need to spend your weekends mowing the lawn,
Spend your free time with the family, relaxing or doing the things you really like doing.


Automatic mowing and exclusive safety features not found on other mowers,
Identifies trees, rocks and obstacles,
Sensors equipped bumpers, mower lift detection, child lock and many more.

Healthy lawn

Robomow® mowers have a cutting method that is much healthier for the lawn
Robomow® mowers are mulching mowers meaning that valuable nutrients
return to the lawn (more about Grasscycling).

High quality of mowing

Edge-mode for cutting along the edge of your lawn,
Beautiful looking lawn.

Environmentally friendly
No Petrol,
No Oil,
No Emissions,
Valuable nutrients return to the lawn.